Sunday, September 3, 2017

Oldschool 93/94 for a difference

To try how much gameplay differed from 93/94, we decided to play a couple of rounds in the first weekend of september. This was a good time for me to try to make an Enchantress deck work. Something I've been doing since early '95, but has never worked out good enough to try in any tournament. Inspired by some of the oldschool players that had played Enchantress, i decided to give it a go. As it seems, it's not a great deck, but I did not perform as badly as I thought. I mean, I did lose to a deck with Ghazban ogres in the first round. But, in defence of the enchantress deck, the deck with the ogres somehow ended up winning, so I guess my enchantress losing to that was to be expected.

Charles played a blue/red deck containing both the power artifact/basalt monolith combination and some fast creatures. I expected him to win the tournament, but somehow that did not happen. Here he is playing a mono black discard/reanimate deck. 

U/G Zoo vs mono green. The efreets are always less effective against an opponent who also plays a lot of green. 

I played the Enchantress because I really wanted to try it, and managed to pull off a win in the match against the U/G zoo deck. Here it is running at full speed. 

The mono black deck somehow lost against the R/G deck with the Ogres, even with this in play. Magic is a strange game. 

My second game against the U/G zoo, with counterspells. And I won! I was so happy I would not lose all the matches this day. 

Speaking of broken openings... 

The U/G zoo which eventually lost against the R/G deck with Ogres and giant strenghts. I still can´t believe that deck actually won :)

Arno´s mono green deck having it´s moment of glory against my enchantress. With an avoid fate to back the bees up. 

U/G flying zoo against mono black. 

U/R against R/G

And U/R lost, even after this.. 

I managed to pull off one game against Arno, who had maindeck tranquility. Almost a miracle there..

Anyway, I won 1 match and some games, so I was happy the enchantress did not suck all the time :) And a deck with Ogres and giant strengths won! Who would have thought. As always, the players and the games were very nice, and we had a lot of fun and drinks together! Till next time!