Ancient HCH

Ancient Hundred Card Highlander (HCH)

The Ancient HCH rules are derived from a format we used to play from early '95 in a gameshop called "The Joker" in Utrecht. 

Like in Ancient constructed, you get to play only the sets that are legal in Ancient (see Ancient rules) and the reprints that are legal in Ancient. 

You play a 100 card deck, each card can be in there only once (exept basic land of course) and there is no sideboard. So if you want to play color hosers, they have to be in your main deck. Though the original rules were a little more complicated with a point system with each card holing a point value, we decided to just keep it simple. The cards who had the highest point value and least fun value are banned, as are all the ante cards. That's it.

The banned list for Ancient HCH:
Ancestral Recall is banned
Balance is banned
Fastbond is banned
Library of Alexandria is banned
Time Walk is banned
Mind Twist is banned
Falling Star is banned
Chaos Orb is banned
Divine Intervention is banned
Amulet of Quoz is banned *
Bronze Tablet is banned *
Contract from Below is banned *
Darkpact is banned *
Demonic Attorney is banned *
Jeweled Bird is banned *
Rebirth is banned *
Tempest Efreet is banned *
Timmerian Fiends is banned *
* Banned for being an Ante card