Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Corona Cups deckpics

Though I'm pretty certain I don't have them all, I thought it would be a nice idea to make a collection of deckpics from the Corona Cups, apart from the blog I'm writing about playing them. It also includes a couple of pictures from decks that were made but not actually played I think, but most of these saw actual gameplay. I will be adding more decks to this list if I spot them.

I'll start off with my own Eureka Deck from CC2
Then this pile which proved to be so bad in playtesting I went with a different tron build. 

And then some more decks that were shared in the corona cup group. Some of them are really, really awesome. 

A wall of ice/pestilence deck. This is just awesome, right?
I was so inspired by this I'm going to build something similar with different colors. 

This deck was not actually played (yet) but it does seem like a good way to cure insomnia :)
Edit: it actually was played in a slightly different list, keep looking for it down below :)

My 123 deck with no complete playsets

As you can see, not all decks where friendly in this cup :)

the proof you can play singleton en still win a lot

My own Tron/fireball deck which by some miracle won more than it lost. 

Part Water!! Awesome tech!!!!! Kudo's to Erwin for this.

This deck was not actually played but it passed in the discussion and it's just so damn cool I added it anyway