Saturday, June 26, 2021

Finally, a new event: on august 28th 2021, OS in Arnhem

Hi everyone, 

For the first time in a long while we'll be able to play OS in Arnhem. 

There will be a 5 round swiss tournament, no intentional draws allowed. Ruleset is Swedish with reprints. 

Location: spelkwartier gamestore, Steenstraat 4, Arnhem

Date: august 28th, doors open at 10AM, first round starts at 10.30AM

Tournament: 5 rounds of swiss (50 minutes) followed by top 8

Banned & Restricted: Swedish,
Reprint policy: reprints with same art, same border allowed, FBB allowed, ICE/CE not allowed. Revised Serendib and plateau also allowed. 
Errata (read carefully if you want to play with falling star):
Falling Star errata (this tournament only): works just like chaos orb. You can flip it on one (1) non-token creature, which wil get the damage. 
Cost: €10,-
Deck Pic: by mail please. Use the same mailadress to register:

Hope to see you all there. If there are too many people coming, we'll move to a larger location which can hold up to 80 people. See you then!