Thursday, February 9, 2017

Time flies, it's already 2 months ago since we last played a tournament, so it was time to get going again. On februari 5th, we held an Ancient constructed tournament. 11 people showed up, and we had 10 different deck types in play :) And in the end, the winning deck was quite a surprise, not something we'd ever seen before in Ancient.. 

The start of the tournament

It's amazing how statistics work.. this is first round, first hand and how many people have that library..?!?

Anyway, there were a lot of noteworthy plays, cards and openings.. 

Bloodlust goblin king to kill it with a trading post :)

Yes!! A goblin flotilla.. in an evironment with lots of island duals, it almost makes sense :) I saw it Islandwalking it's way passed a lot of blockers.. 

Always a nice opening :)

You swords to plowshared WHAT?

again, you Swords to plowshared WHAT? (here it's an Emberwilde Djinn, in case you did not recognize it.. )

*standing ovation* this card probably was never played ever it came out of a booster :)

I open with a LOA. Nice. I open with a LOA too and I have 7 cards in my had now :)


A classic... 
But, now you're wondering, what was the deck that actually won? Well... 

I've got turn 2 whirling dervish! Nice, I've got turn 2 dreadnaught. Oh, and another.