Upcoming events

The next OS in Arnhem will be on Saturday, March third, 2023. This will follow the Swedish, Gentleman's rules, meaning you have to play with cards from Alpha up to the Dark (or tournament legal reprints that look like those cards), with the normal swedish restriced list and without Mind Twist or Library of Alexandria. If you want to join, please register at magicancients@gmail.com. There is limited space and we do not want to disappoint anyone. 

What reprints can I use?
So what does that same art, same frame mean? This: Cards like Foreign Revised, Chronicles or Renaissance cards are permitted because they have the old card layout and feature artwork from the original sets. Since collectors editions and 30th anniversary are not tournament legal, you cannot play with them in this tournament. 

As long as they are tournament legal and have the right border and artwork and are not foil, they are ok

Want to know more about oldschool? Send us an email at magicancients@gmail.com