Upcoming events

The next tournament we ourselves host is the Deserted Cup, on saturday, august 15th. It's called this way because although I played a lot of online games with a lot of cool people the last few months, I missed playing IRL tremendously so I thought this would be a fitting name for those who also feel like they're in an oldschool desert without company.

Location: Spelkwartier Game Shop

The shop will be able to host a maximum of 16 people, because of corona rules in our country. Currently, this means the tournament is maxed out. If enough people want to join I will hire a larger location in Arnhem though. So if you want to join, send me an email: magicancients@gmail.com and I'll put you on the reserve list. If the list becomes long enough to cover the cost of hiring a larger establishment, I'll let you know. 

Adress: Steenstraat 4, Arnhem, Netherlands
Time: doors open at 10.00
First round start: 10.30

Rules: Swedish OS rules, with tournament legal same art/same frame reprints allowed, NO ICE/IE allowed

So what does that same art, same frame mean? This: Cards like Foreign Revised, Chronicles or Renaissance cards are permitted because they have the old card layout and feature artwork from the original sets.

As long as they have the right border and artwork and are not foil, they are ok

Want to know more about oldschool? Send us an email at magicancients@gmail.com