Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ancient April 21st

After our Oldschool event in februari, it was time for some Ancient action again. Some of the people from the Oldschool group Knights of Thorn showed up to see how Ancient compares to Oldschool and from what I heard to also liked this format. It always nice to have some crossover between the groups :)

Some of the action during the day:

First turn Serra with a lotus. Nice!

Oh yes, this format has THAT card..  Moxen are just a little les awesome in Ancient.

Sometimes, life just isn't fair.. al that against just one lonely plateauu..

Well, that's an unusual use of a control magic :)

Monkey, May I? deck (which eventually won the day) against black pox

Some of the other plays of the day:

In the end, the winning deck was the classic monkey, may I deck which was somewhat succesful in the 1996 era for a short time. Usually we don't publish full decklists here to keep some of the mystery, but since this deck can be found on the net with a little effort, here's the decklist:

Mario Robaina's Monkey May I deck, version as played by Bjorn in this Ancient

There is something to be said for this deck in Oldschool too, but then it would miss what I experienced are pretty key cards: the merchant scrolls. I've used them for the Ancestral Recall mostly, of course, but also to get the mana drain or a psionic blast at some moments where I really needed them. I really think this deck would me much less effective without them.