Thursday, December 22, 2016

Midwinter Ancient

Close to midwinter's night, it was time for the last Ancient tournament of the year, and we decided to make it an Invitational for 8 people. Unfortunately, one dropped out the morning before the tournament so we ended up playing with 7, playing 5 rounds in total. All the decks were different, we had a White weenie, stormbind/living plane, 2 Zoo variants, R/G Ernham-burn'em, one sledgehammer big creature deck and one 5 color-black deck.

Some impressions of the tournament:

Zoo vs White weenie

Zoo 2 vs black discard with Juzams

Sledgehammer vs stormbind/living plane

Zoo 2 vs Discard/Juzam

Zoo vs white weenie game 2

Zoo vs Discard/Juzam. All the moxes and Library and Ancestrall recall just played, but no solution for the meekstone..

Zoo 2 vs Ernham/Burn'em

Sledgehammer vs Zoo

Stormbind/living plane vs Discard/Juzam

Sledgehammer vs white weenie

Zoo 2 vs Sledgehammer

Ernham/Burn'em vs Zoo

Discard/Juzam vs Stormbind/living plane game 2

Ernham/Burn'em vs Zoo game 2

Sledgehammer vs Zoo 2

In the end, Hero won out with his zoo with Serendib Efreets: 

He beat the sledgehammer deck, which came in second:

Winning the Ancient Ivory Cup: 

Jochem won this Tournament's Jester's Cap award for using the Fyndhorn Brownie to untap an attacking Serendib Efreet and thinking that would work like a maze of ith effect. It made him take both the damage, and the efreet was ready to block his creatures :)

The spoils: Some Ancient staple cards.The winner got first pick and so on. Hero picked the Enchantress, which made me sad I wasn't first. So I picked a Shivan Dragon, because that was the card everyone wanted and would have picked in the Ancient days :)